All You Needed to Know About The Transvaginal Scan (TVS)

If you are pregnant and are visiting your doctor for the first scan, your doctor might probably do a transvaginal scan or TVS. The transvaginal scan or internal sonography is an excellent tool to look at the pelvic structures, especially the uterus and ovaries.


How is it done?

A probe (like a wand) covered with a sheath is introduced into the vaginal cavity.


It has few advantages vs the external scan, the primary one being that it has superior resolution. There is also no need for a full bladder (no waiting).


Many women associate it with pain and embarrassment and hence fear it. But if you cooperate, it causes no more than slight discomfort, and makes it easier for your doctor to do the scan.


TVS plays a major role in checking the ovaries especially in PolyCystic Ovarian Disorder for measurements, follicular monitoring study, detecting ovarian cysts etc


Things to know:

  • There is no harm to your baby, as the probe doesn't reach far inside to poke him/her!
  • It is essential to do a TVS for some indications, eg. to check heartbeat, irregular bleeding, pain etc


All you need to do for your TVS is- Just relax and take a deep breath!


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Garima Singla


Swagatika Satapathy

Kya sb ka yeh hota, I mean ki tvs krna jaruri he kya

chandani pathak

Mera to ye scan nahi huaa my doctor doesn't tell me to do these n bcz of first pragnancy I don't know anything about these n right now I'm in my 9th month...

Deepika Khanna

Yes my doctor did examine the foetus position...

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