Ways to Beat Delhi Air Pollution

Ways to Beat Delhi Air Pollution

Delhi is witnessing its worst air pollution in many years. With the onset of winter, there is a thick blanket of smog everywhere.


What is the most dangerous of this smog is its particulate matter which can get settled deep in the lungs and can get absorbed in the blood stream. This is more dangerous esp to infants and toddlers and elderly as their lungs are weak.it also causes mental irritation along with lowered brain development. The most common symptoms include sore throat burning of eyes and throat and cough which is mainly dry and irritating.


So here are few ways which can help beat this smog:


STOP GOING OUT IN MORNING especially for morning walk in open spaces even yoga in public parks or open ground instead work out from home or any closed hall or gym.


DIET include fruits esp citric fruits rich in vitamin C and other minerals like magnesium which are immunity boosters and help fight allergies and other infections.


NATURAL HERBS like tulsi ginger haldi ajwain honey all can be used to make warm kadha and given as immunity boosters to kids on regular basis.


MASKS do not step out of the house without masks even if it is for short duration.


Use of carpool instead of scooter or bikes helps reduce air pollution.


Instead of outdoor sports advise the kids to play indoor family games to avoid unnecessary exposure to smog.


Lastly what this earth need is more greenery more plantations which can begin from home itself when we can plan basic plants like tulsi etc as we all know trees inhale carbon dioxide and exhale.


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