Contraception: Know Your Choices

Contraception: Know Your Choices

The pink lines on the pregnancy home test kit should not come as a surprise to you.


Basically, we are saying that pregnancy is a decision that both you and partner should be taking consciously. And for whatever reasons, if having a child is not on your list right now, you should be aware of contraception methods available.


We have put together a preliminary list here. But it is always advisable to discuss the safest alternative with your doctor. And of course make sure your partner agrees too.


Here’s a list of contraception methods to choose from. 

  • The Pill: 

The hormone from this one stops the woman from ovulating. It controls the uterus and the ovary function.



Advantages: Research says that these are safe and also help against menstrual bleeding and cramps.


Drawbacks: While these are considered very safe overall, they might result in vomiting, diarrhea. Also, taking some medicines such as certain kind of antibiotics can interfere with how it works.


  •    The Injectable Contraception: 

This injects a woman’s body with medicine thereby preventing the release of eggs.



Advantages: This might be preferred by women who forget to take their medicines. It is effective with long-term effects.


Drawbacks: From missed periods, to possible delay in return of fertility, this injectable can have some unwelcome side-effects.


  • IUDs 

IUDs is a contraceptive device that is fitted inside the woman’s uterus. The IUD stops the sperm from meeting the egg, by delaying the egg getting to the womb, or by preventing an egg from settling in the womb. There are a few hormone releasing IUDs  in the market as well now which work like birth control pills often easing a woman’s period.



Advantages: This doesn’t interrupt sex. It’s a long-term contraceptive and with the newer ones, you need to change it only once in 5 years.


Drawbacks: You can’t insert an IUD by yourself but it only involves a very minor procedure performed by the doctor. Some women also experience heavy menstrual bleeding.


  • Birth Control Rod 

This is a small flexible rod which is placed just under the skin on the inside of the upper arm. So while the carrier can feel it, it cannot be seen. It releases hormones just like the pill does and thus prevents pregnancy.



Advantages: Helps in uninterrupted sex and in some cases, may also help ease periods.


Drawbacks: Side-effects may include weight fluctuation and increased bleeding during periods.


  • Patch

    This is really like one of those band-aids that you wear on your hand. It is stuck on your body part and releases hormones, thus preventing pregnancy.



Advantages: It’s great! Like a band aid, all it has to do is be stuck on.

Drawbacks: What if it comes off and you don’t realize it! Also it’s not available without a prescription so you may need to keep getting one again and again!


This list is just indicative. If you decide to go for any kind of contraceptive methods available, make sure that you understand and discuss the implications fully with your partner in consultation with your doctor.


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