6 Signs You Are Doing Better Than You Think

6 Signs You Are Doing Better Than You Think

15 Nov 2017 | 3 min Read

Anamika Agnihotri

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Being a mom is not easy. As a mom, you deal with a lot. You feel stretched most of the times. You are judged for every choice which you make or forgo. Time and again you feel bogged down by the unrealistic expectations of your family and society. And if this is not all, there are those judging voices in your own mind bringing you down as soon as you think you are doing enough. 


All this might lead to a sense of losing yourself and it can be overwhelming.


Practicing gratitude can be an important key to dealing with overwhelming moments. Take a minute pause and delve into the silver linings of your life. You may find signs that you are doing much better than you think.


Here are 6 such signs –

1. You are making your choices. A mom knows what is best for her children and she makes her choices in the light thereof. You will be judged, without a doubt, but then would you be not if you follow someone else’s diktat. Just muting those judging voices will do a lot of goodness.


2. Your children love you. You are strict. You scream, yell and lose your cool to repent and feel guilty later. But, your children are forgiving, more than you yourself. They love you a lot and to them, you are their whole world.


3. You have happy children. They come to you with their stories, their chit-chats, and complaints. They make you dance silly with them. They like it when you play with them. How great does it feel to witness the twinkle in their eyes? Isn’t it? 


4. You have atleast one trustworthy friend. Your life as a mom is busy leaving you with very little time to socialize. But that one phone call to a friend or meeting up over coffee can be so relaxing even when you just spend the whole time discussing children and their antics.


5. You are healthy. Can there be a bigger blessing than good health? 


6. You have other interests. You are more than just a mom. Mom is one of the roles you play. You have hobbies and interests which you have always considered yourself as good at. You may have no time to spare to pursue them right now but that fiery streak in your belly keeps you going because there will soon be a time to unleash your passion and do wonders.



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