Babies grow up so soon!

My princess just turned a year old some time ago! Sometimes I just sit and wonder how time flies.


Ahhh, even now I feel that I can hear her first cry when she was received by her pediatrician-DAD and her mom was about to expel the placenta- ha ha ha! We both had tears in our eyes because of immense happiness.


I really miss the way she would sleep, the way she used to cuddle, snuggle, the way her breath felt against my skin for hours together. The fear of waking her up by a pin drop sound. Sigh!  Now, she just wants to run around doing inappropriate random things, haha can't control her anymore.


I still remember how she used to grab my fingers, my happiness knew no bounds! It was really a great feeling to know a small tiny creature of yours is depending completely on you. Now she does not even hold my finger, I wonder how she grown up soon.


The list goes on…….


Being a parent is perhaps the most enriching, enlightening experience of one’s life. It marks your evolution as a person. But children grow and grow so fast right before our eyes. I wish we could stop time. But all we can do is cherish them right now….


What do you miss the most about your child’s earlier days? Reply in Comments!


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Comments (12)

Awe! This makes be feel like hurry up my pregnancy and have my baby right away. Beautiful; Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa

Such a sweet moments... Yes we should enjoy and cherish these every wonderfully written Shilpitha...😍😘

Down memory lane

Nilofer shaikh; i am sure you have the best one,,, after a long wait... now cherish the unseen part 💐🎉 congrats mom- to- be 😊

Kamalini Rao thank you so much dear 😊 mother- kid is having a strong bond and pure relation,,,

Priya Sood cherishing those wonderful memories are always refreshning :)

Wonderful Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa my daughter is 11 months and I already miss so much tat tiny little baby and now when she is growing up fast all I want is time to stop and I want to cuddle her more and just keep her in my arms where she sets so perfectly!

Khushboo Chag; same pinch !!! Hahaha but we cant do so,,,, only thing is to cherish those days 😀

Wonderful post Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa just 3 days back nly mah lo birthday was der and; that all memories happen wid me...😍😍😍

My baby is turning 1 in 10 days.. and I already miss sooo many things he did in all these months.. they really grow up so fast!! Sometimes I wish I could stop time here ☺️. Awesome write up Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa

Ya even I wonder hw the 8months passed away. .. still remember my 1st day at hospital. ..

My baby is 1year old now and I joined my service 6 month's after. I miss breastfeeding my baby whole day..miss changing his nappies and diapers.miss being awake whole night with him :-)

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