Which Bollywood Maa Are You?

Which Bollywood Maa Are You?

16 Nov 2017 | 6 min Read

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If dramatic music, hard-hitting dialogues and repeats are your thing, then you will definitely love this one! When I say the word ‘Ma’, what comes to your mind? Of course your mother or one of your closest mother figures. But what if I ask you to think of ‘Maa’ filmy style?

 Who comes to your mind? Reema Lagu? Nirupa Roy? Or someone else entirely?   

 Let’s take a trip to Bollywood and look at iconic “maas”. Which among these are you? Explore as you read!   

 The Khoonkhaar Maa

Obviously, this one has to be Kirron Kher. If you are this type, you do not accept nonsense. You may be super cool with everything your child does – hanging out with friends, playing for some extra time, eating that one extra cookie…! but if you get angry, you GET ANGRY!! Then the ‘chittar shastra’ comes out to play and we all know what happens next. Your kids love you like crazy but are afraid of you as hell too!


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 The Guilt Trip Maa

This Maa often has some waterworks installed in her eyes, that work on her command. Your child does not finish homework? ‘Yeah right, why would you listen to me?’ Your child does not finish lunch? ‘ Yeah, I did not eat too. But why would you care, let it be, let momma stay hungry for you? It’s ok my child!” annnndd behold…. the waterworks start! This mom’s children are always in her control while she wipes her tears and forces a smile while her children drown in the pool of guilt.

And who fits that Bollywood Image? Nutan of course!


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 The Ever-So-Hopeful Maa

Rakhi played Maa roles so effortlessly, I’m sure the moment you see her ‘Mere Karan Arjun Ayenge’ starts playing in your head in a loop. If you fit this category, your child can never go wrong. It is always someone else’s fault or always some misunderstanding. You stand by your child, no matter what! You are the mom who teaches her child to hit back if attacked, even if it is the silly wall!


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The Sassy Maa

If it’s a sad scenario, or even if you are upset, nothing moves your winged eye-liner – just like that of Tanuja! Yes, of course, kids come first, but awesome makeup and dapper outfits come right after them. You have some awesome talent because despite being a mother, you don’t like to ignore yourself.


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The Mocking Maa

‘Ahahah!! Badi aye!’ if you tease your kids way too often, you are the Lalita Pawar Ma. You never love anything else more than your own kids, but no one makes their life funnier than you do!


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The Stereotypical Ma

The moment a stranger looks at you, they know you are a mom. You are everything a Mom is – serene, soft, gentle, loving, the typical ‘Mamta ki moorat’. You are the Reema Lagu kinda mom, who would go to any lengths for her children. Her scolding would be as good as not scolding at all!

*I’m teary eyed already*


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The Silent Tears wali Maa

Hands down, you have to be like Jaya Bachchan , who has a lot of expectations for her children. If they fulfill it, you seek a quiet corner and weep your heart out. If they don’t fulfill your expectations, you again go to your sacred corner and weep your heart out. You portray the typical filmy scene where tears roll down one by one on your emotionally overwhelmed, expressionless face.

Aww, Mommy!! Vent out and share your feelings a bit 🙂


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The Peppy-Sheppy Maa

Always on and on about everything that’s happening around you? You have to be the Smita Jayakar kind of mom. Friendly with the kids, saving them from any anger outbursts even if they are wrong – such is the Peppy Sheppy Ma. You would let your child get away with little big things because you’d rather upset the world, than upset your best friend, your baby! You get involved in understanding sand take the onus of solving them.


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 The Naye Zamaane ki Maa

This maa is a class apart. You prefer being in shape, in vogue, in trend! The Ratna Pathak type of Mom would have everything fall just in line. You are strict and wouldn’t tolerate much deviation from the norms you have set. It takes you a while to let loose because class and manners are crucial. You are the kind who would always prefer McD over street sold Vada Pav and Malls instead of flea markets!

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 The Maa Next Door

Farida Jalal is the quintessential Maa – found in every house. Chatty, friendly, draamebaaz, yet loves the children to the moon and back. You are a complete family person and draw your happiness from the happiness of your family. You would participate in your kids’ secrets, swoon over their beauty, give them long life lessons and won’t refrain from correcting them, but all with a hint of drama. Sometimes, you may embarrass your children, but they’ll live with it. If there is a perfect Maa recipe, this is it!


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So, which among these Bollywood Maas do you identify with the most? Let me know in comments below.


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