Protecting Our Children From Bullying

Protecting Our Children From Bullying

16 Nov 2017 | 3 min Read

Ruchi Gupta

Author | 6 Articles

Bullying is a term we all have witnessed now and then but the truth is we have always chosen to keep a closed eye.


Whether we bully or get bullied or witness the same, keeping silent is equally bad.


Bullying is not a new word or this generation problem. It existed from beginning; the powerful suppressing the weaker. NO, it is the other way the one who bully has a problem and is not strong in any way.


We all learn from our surrounding and it is very quick and easy for kids to pick from their surroundings. They practise the same on someone who is shy or less expressive.


Who bully?

Someone who has a violent surrounding may bully.

Reason: This is a problem of channelizing energy in right direction. A person may practise such behaviour to show boost power but actually it is the insecurity of being less powerful, unable to express or unmanageable aggression issues. Kids may pick up such behaviour traits from people around them, not necessarily parents always (They may be completely unaware)


Who gets bullied?

Someone who is shy, less expressive or low on self esteem may easily get bullied.

Reason: Not enough support to express and discuss. The person who bullies takes advantage of such weakness and it becomes easy to bully such a person.


Who gets bullied?

People who witness such act from either side or as a simple  outsider are an equal party to such act. Irrespective of our reasons a witness who chooses to ignore is a participant of such act.


What to watch in our kid’s behaviour?

We hold complete onus of our children behaviour. It is true we cannot be everywhere but our upbringing does.

Watch out for signs and signals from your kids behaviour; silent or too aggressive both are dangerous signs.

Always give more time than presents. Be available in the hour of need. Listen to your children when they want to speak not when you have time to hear.

Build faith in them to express themselves to you irrespective of their failures or mistakes. Be their punching bag. Hold them tight and lift them up before they fall prey to such things.

Also give confidence in your children to speak for their friends if they are a sufferer or else escalate at the right time.

Proper Life skill training is must to groom and protect them not only from school and college bullying but building a confident and an honourable personality for our nation. Later we cannot blame the government of the county for the failure in our own life.


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