Feelings That The First Born Bestows on Us

Feelings That The First Born Bestows on Us

17 Nov 2017 | 2 min Read

Sahiti Chakravarthy

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Oh my dear

You are my fear

You are my courage

Willing me out of the cage

You are the pride

I will never hide

You will never know…so many things


These will be the resounding words of any mother, every mother, irrespective of whether she has one kid or 2 or more kids. My first born gem will never be aware of the precious moment of his birth, which I will cherish for a lifetime..more than anything else. He will not know the exuberant feeling that he had given me when he put his pink lips to my bosom. He won’t be able to imagine the difficult nights he gave me, but I relive those nights now, with a sweet smile on my face.


He can not comprehend how it pained my heart when he had his first fall, how I cried during the first few days on his school and how I had tears of joy when he gave his first ever performance on stage. Though I am just a mother of only one kid still, I bet I will not have the same feelings, the same joy and the same amount of sadness, the second time round. I just can not imagine giving more love to my second born, if I ever have one again.


Many elder siblings (even as old as us) tend to disagree saying, “Momma, you love the younger one more than me.” They may even cite some instances where the mother would have favored the younger one at that moment, but rest assured that the mother will never let anyone know the instincts her first born gave rise to.


Don’t ever doubt any mother about her feelings for the life that first made its way out of her womb. It’s different, special, ecstatic, which no one can understand, even the mother herself. They just occur to her naturally. 


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