Meal Plans Week 4: 7-12 Months

Welcome to Week 4 of Kiddy Kitchen! We hope you are enjoying the awesome variety of recipes that Healthy Eating Habits Expert Deepti Arora is putting together just for you and your baby!


And we definitely think that your babies are loving them too!


Here’s some advice from the expert:


Giving your baby new foods and different textures helps to expand her palate and increases the likelihood that she will become a good eater later in life.

Make purees increasingly thicker and coarser now. Once your baby can handle it, start to mash ingredients into a chunky puree with a fork. This helps your baby get used to new textures and accustoms her to chewing.


Always remember to introduce one new food/food group at a time and let the child get used to the taste, check for allergies and then move to the next.









Happy Experimenting with food!


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