5 Great Homeopathic Remedies Which Should be a Part of Your First-aid Kit

5 Great Homeopathic Remedies Which Should be a Part of Your First-aid Kit

20 Nov 2017 | 3 min Read

Surbhi Prapanna

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As a certified homeopathic physician, I had observed great results from homeopathic medicines in first-aid treatment. It is a great idea to include first-aid homeopathic medicines to your first-aid kit for better and gentle relief.


After including all these essentials in your first-aid kit, (like scissor, thermometer, bulb syringe etc.), you can add homeopathic remedies for ideal and rapid cure. Though homeopathic medicine works on the principle of “individualization” (means specific remedy select on the basis of individual symptoms). Still, there are some remedies that should be a part of your first aid kit for gentle cure.


Arnica – Arnica is the first remedy that used as an acute emergency remedy, especially in case of trauma, fall and bruising injuries. It helps reduce shock, relieve pain, swelling and other signs of inflammation. It fastens the healing process. It remarkably improves pain and bruised sensation in kids after a routine fall. It is also an excellent remedy for before and after surgical and dental treatment.


Hypericum – Kids often crushed their fingers in door while playing and it causes unbearable shooting pain. Hypericum is an excellent remedy for injuries to nerve or parts of body had riches nerve supply, such as finger, toes and spine.


Ruta – Ruta is a great remedy for all kinds of sport injuries. It can be used successfully in the treatment of injuries to ligament, tendon, periosteum or lining of the bone. Any injury to knee, thigh or elbow, when ligament or tendon pulled out, can be greatly helped by this remedy.


Calendula – It is a “Homeopathic anti septic remedy” and must be a part of first-aid homeopathic kit. The most common indication for use of calendula is whenever skin surface is broken and wound is developed, it works great. It inhibits infection and promotes healing process. It can be used internally as well as externally in the form of mother tincture or lotion.


Symphytum – It is a great “bone remedy” that help the fracture to heal more quickly. It is necessary to do all routine medical procedures (x-ray, splinting or surgery according to condition) in case of broken bone, but as an alternative medicine symphytum gives wonderful result.


Do you have any experience with homeopathic medicines in treatment of common childhood injuries? Do share with us.


Disclaimer – The article is for informational purpose only not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, prevention or treatment of any disease.


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