Music - Have You Introduced it to Your Little One?

Music - Have You Introduced it to Your Little One?

Music is an essential part of human life. Listening to music is the best therapy to calm our mind and soul. Babies are born with an ability to be able to relate to music. The positive effect that music leaves on humans starts even before birth (if introduced to music in womb). 


We all know a mother’s womb is the most secure and cozy place on this planet. It is majorly believed that every human learns I most of its life skills in the womb. A foetus can actively listen and respond to sound from week 24 of gestation. Music plays an important role during pregnancy. It’s extremely healthy for mother and child both. It calms and soothes expecting mother which leads to a healthy and happy baby later in life. 


There is no specific genre that a mother should forcefully listen to, it can be any music or lullabies that soothes her mind. It’s observed that babies remember music they listened to in the womb for a long time after being born. So it’s definitely a  good idea to listen to music while expecting a baby. And later this can be an ease for the mother when singing or playing the same music to calm a cranky baby. 


It is always advisable to also sing while carrying your baby in womb rather than just listening, this helps you bond with the baby even before birth. And a mother’s voice is always soothing for babies and contributes in the growth and development of the foetus. Make sure music is not very loud as loud noises disturb babies in womb. 


It’s never too early to introduce music  into your little one’s life after birth. As you had already begun enriching their life with music when in womb, Now it’s time for you to just start your musical journey and explore new ways to introduce music in their life. 


During your early days with your new born, music can be one of the nicest ways to connect, play, and relax for both of you. 


As your child grows into a toddler from a baby, Playing music with your child can be great fun and very relaxing, giving you time to create, express yourself, and bond with your baby at the same time. 


Music benefits your little one in many ways, here are listed a few: 


1. Music helps the brain develop the areas that are used in language and reasoning. 


2. Music fosters creativity and self expression.


3. Music encourages movement, rhythm & timing which aids in gross & fine motor development. 


4. Music can develop problem solving skills, resulting in better command over mathematics later in life. 


You don’t have to own lots of instruments, a variety of things can be made at home such as rattles or a simple drum made from a shoebox or create music with utensils in your kitchen. 


Music is creativity, let it flow, enjoy your musical journey with your little one and let the bond strengthen for life.


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