You Are Your Child’s First Teacher

You Are Your Child’s First Teacher

21 Nov 2017 | 3 min Read

Harsha Girish Ramaiya

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Mahatma Gandhi has very well quoted: “Every Home is a university and the Parents are the Teachers.”


For children everyone and everything is a teacher. Here, today we will talk about children’s two great teachers the Parents and the School.


Parents are the first teachers of a child; the child’s learning journey begins right from the time he is in the womb of a mother. Further this learning progresses when he is introduced to his parents (his first teachers). Then they teach them to walk, talk, act, react etc. Everything we do every day is a lesson for them. Children are keen observers and very good imitators (copy cats). Children monitor and absorb each and every move, habit, expression, taking pattern, behaviour etc of Parents and act accordingly. This observation is layered on the child’s mind before he goes to school. He already has learnt many things from Parents. So, I think Parents’ role as Teachers is very well justified perhaps the responsibility factor to shape up a child’s future with right values lies more on Parents shoulders.


The basic nature, the thought process, the attitude towards life,  the life style etc are taught by Parents to their children. Parents play a major role in building and developing these characteristics in children. I believe they learn more at home than in School. So parents should give a thought every time when they deal with their children as,  every dealing with a child is teaching them every time.


Parents mostly want the school to teach the children, but Schools are meant for academics and scholastic learning. The schools upgrade and revise its syllabus accordingly. The school has a big limitation, as it has to deal with a group of children who are a mixed bag of fast, medium and slow learners. So the school has to adopt a midway technique to reach out to the whole group. Whereas parents have one or two children and can accordingly tailor stitch their approach to cater kids.


Also the school has syllabus and extracurricular activities to conduct and most of the activities are performance based and evaluated at the end of the year. The school makes all possible efforts to fulfill its set goals.  The children learn discipline, competitive spirit, team building etc from school. The school has its own set of development for children which it fulfills religiously.


The learning’s at home and at school is different and cannot be compared but each one holds an impact on the child’s overall development. Both should work consistently and this will in turn bring good results. School and Parents both are the architects of the child’s overall development. Neither of them can put off their responsibility on the other nor can escape from it.


To conclude I would say Parents and School go hand in hand for upbringing the best generation.


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