How to Develop Your Child’s Brain: 20 Months – Gross Motor And Free Play

How to Develop Your Child’s Brain: 20 Months – Gross Motor And Free Play

21 Nov 2017 | 2 min Read

Kuhoo Gupta (The K Junction)

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At 20 months, your child is very mobile and probably  jumps from one place to another. You often might term him/her hyper energetic or the likes. The reality is every toddler is almost like that and we need to channelize their energy or else they might resort to destructive practices. Here are some fun activities that will delight any toddler.



If you have any excuse of not taking your toddler outdoors in the evening, then here is a simple idea of an indoor gross motor activity that kids love! I usually preserve the bubble wrap packaging from my online shoppings. Just lay down or tape the bubble wrap on the floor & see your little monkey jumping on it with joy as he listens to the chit pit sounds!



Most kids at this age start loving ride-ons. It is an ultimate tool to channelize their energy. A ride on can be used indoor and outdoor both, so no excuse again 😉



Outdoors – Nothing can beat the outdoors! The fresh air, smell of trees & flowers, sound of birds, and the sight of greenery. Even an adult needs a daily dose of outdoors. Find a park nearby where there are options like slides, swings, see-saw for kids. It builds their large muscles & they gain control over their movement and bodies.



I write a lot about free play and unstructured play because this generation parents have a tendency to over schedule a child with school & lots of after school activities and classes. I see young kids who do not have a free time on their own to unwind. Uninterrupted free play is absolutely important for a child. So many discoveries, imaginations and learning happens during this time. Here are some pics of free play when my son was at this age. And you do not need fancy toys for this!


Here he is busy pouring from one container to another. A simple cheap engaging DIY, right?


Here he arranged his tea set and got his toy ostrich. He said he has invited the ostrich to tea!



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