Did You Know About the Evolution of Parenting Styles?

Did You Know About the Evolution of Parenting Styles?

22 Nov 2017 | 3 min Read

Jyoti Arora

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Parenting is very difficult nowadays. It is a very important responsibility because your child’s future is in your hands. The child is like clay which is molded by you in a specific way which you like to develop. Being a young mom, I am very conscious about little things, but my mother and mother-in-law feels it is overreaction towards everything. I think all young moms face this once in a day. If we argue, then one line always comes in reply ‘Koi baat nahi, sabhi beach aise hi paltet h’ (Not a problem, all kids are raised this way)


Here are some points of argument-


Digital exposure– favored by our elders and we all new parents are totally disagreeing with this source of distraction. It is very harmful for kids as the brain development stops or is not done properly, child’s interest seems to be bonded in the digital world, it results very badly in future.


Conditional Love– Barter system is always favored by elders and new parents think it is very harmful for kids in the future as it develops a stubborn and aggressive child.


Discipline -favored by elders and our new parents guide the child firmly.


Internet– Elders are best, they never use the internet and implement home remedies instead of searching on the internet, but new parents having the facilities of social media, searching on google within nanoseconds if required even the problem was just a bit.


Control– Elders always favored control, but new parents give their child freedom with limits.


The Panic – Best thing about elders is- they have patience and new generation parents have this problem, we rush to doctor even something is not too big. We panic fast compared to elders.


Responsible – I think we should salute to our elders on this point. In 70’s & 80’s and even 90’s Mothers have more than 3 children or even there were 7/8 in the house and the joint family exists in that generation, they never had a heavy pressure (burden) on their minds, our grandmothers, mothers, and mother-in-laws are best to be fulfilled their responsibilities even till now and we are short tempered moms have nuclear family and sometimes failed to understand the situation and take wrong decisions.


I think some pros and cons of everything is always there. I am not against of old parenting but there are such things which is good in modern parenting because it’s a new generation with new abbreviations of everything. Family is the combinations of different thoughts and perspectives so we should understand the fact behind that thought


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