The Birth of a Mother

The Birth of a Mother

My journey as a mother began when I first saw you as a tiny dot in my first ultra sound. Since then, we have grown together. Every blood test, Doppler, double marker, would have me praying for all to go well and that I get the happiness of seeing you soon. Your heart beat was in sync with mine, always! The kicks, the burps, the counting of movements were all a part of my daily routine.


I will never forget the day when  you came out of me,  after an operation and the moment when the doctor put you on me, you started sucking my cheek. All the pain and agony vanished that very moment. Every time I revisit that instance, tears roll down my cheek, profusely.


Having had an operation,  I had a tough time on the first day of my delivery; I would drag myself as if I had never walked before, scared and tired beyond imagination. If that was not enough, my Gynaecologist would not let me breathe until my milk started to come and my little one was breast fed. Breastfeeding was not simple to begin with. My baby was not able to take nourishment as the nipple was not appropriately shaped. I cursed myself for failing at every step! Thankfully after three days, my milk started and my baby was latching onto my breast.


A sigh of relief! Or maybe not so much because every 2 hours were his meal time and I went mad feeding milk. It took three months for my son to have a fairly decent sleeping and feeding pattern and it was only after which I could get a little sleep.Both of my moms being there for me the whole time was the only saving grace else this beautiful journey would have become a nightmare. All I did was eat,sleep,feed,repeat, of which sleep was the only one suffering.


Babychanges everything which is very true, my priorities were now his meals, his vaccinations, his health, is he completing all the milestones as per his age, his sleep and suddenly my world started to revolve around him.Movies were taken over by rhymes, friends get together moved to playpens! From a working wife, I became a work-from-home mom, late riser became early riser. Having said that all of this happened on its own, I never had to convince myself to do any of this. My son will now turn 3 years and he has changed a lot in me and I do not regret any change. He will be on his own one day, but I will continue to support him relentlessly, for as they say: Once a mother always a mother!


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