10 Things We Can Learn From Our Children

10 Things We Can Learn From Our Children

In my 4 years of parenting till date(adding the pregnancy period here as well, as come on don't the journey start from there itself? ), I have come to realize that parenting is not a one way signal where only the parents teach the kids but it's a two way road where we learn from our kids as well.


So, let us go straight to what these things  are

1. How To Enjoy The Small Things

Yes!!! Sometimes we adults are so much focused on the bigger picture that we tend to ignore the smaller aspects of life. It could be enjoying a sunset or going for a walk with your kid or spouse or anyone whose company you enjoy or any other thing. Our kids teach us that these small things do matter to make the larger picture meaningful as they don't segregate things into small and large.


2. How To Be Carefree

Mostly we mothers are always worried about something or the other. Kids on the other hand are known to be happy go lucky kinds as they don't think much about anything and enjoy. So, we need to learn to let ourselves loose sometimes and become carefree souls like our kids.


3. How To Not Give Up And Keep Trying

We all know that kids don't give up easily as they  keep on doing the same thing till they  succeed. Like for example, a small baby never gives up rolling here and there till the time it has learnt doing it with perfection. So, when a small baby doesn't give up why should we?


4. How To Live Each Day As It Comes

For kids, every day is a new day, a fresh start a new beginning. They don't think too much about what has happened previously and don't carry any baggage of the past.


5. How To Smile Or Laugh Often

A very simple thing to do but we rarely find ourselves doing it. Kids are very expressive. If they like anything they will smile or laugh as that is their way to communicate their appreciation. Somehow we adults have stopped using this mode of communication frequently. So, let's get back to basics and learn to enjoy and smile often from our kids.


6. How To Be Active

We all know the energy levels kids have. If we try to be just 15-20% energetic or active of what they are, we would be home.


7. How To Love Unconditionally

We get the most unconditional love from our kids. It's time we learn this trait from them and pass it on to others.


8. How To Forgive

Kids don't take anything to their heart and forget about things easily. It's because of this habit that they can forgive anyone with ease. A very important trait to be learnt from our kids.


9. How To Be Inquistive

Kids are inquisitive from the time of their birth. There is always something which is running on their minds and for which they want an answer for because of this very nature. Trust me there are many instances where I have thought to myself  - Y didn't I think about this? when my daughter asks me something.


10. How To Make Friends

A very important trait to be learnt. Kids don't give a second thought and mingle with anyone easily and that is why they succeed in making friends. We on the other side struggle to make friends as we are constantly thinking about how, when, where etc..So, stop thinking too much and start making friends.


OK!!!These are the 10 things I feel I need to learn from my daughter.


Do let me know what are the things you have learnt from your kids and also whether you could relate to the points mentioned here.


It's me signing off now


Au Revoir


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