Are We Over Parenting Our Kids?

Are We Over Parenting Our Kids?

24 Nov 2017 | 3 min Read

prerna sharma

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Those were the days when we as kids used to enjoy the company of our parents, be it for a very less amount of time because there never used to be any agenda. Today, in the race to develop smart & intelligent kids, parents knowingly or unknowingly are burdening their kids with their untold demands to be the best in everything they do and it starts right from the day they start crawling. Thanks to the Internet and the growing social media influence, we get to know the developmental milestones of kids and that’s when the anxiety start building up. Oh, my kids hasn’t yet started crawling, teething, speaking, and what not! The anxiety levels start building every passing day.


This just doesn’t end here. We actually try to dictate in all of their moves when they start schooling and decide an apt time table and enforce them to follow schedule. Were we being given such stricter guidelines when we were just about 4 or 5 by our parents? I am sure not. Do you think you are incapable or incompetent in any way? I am sure not. Then why are we thrusting our kids with so many timelines/guidelines when they just need to do is it to enjoy little moments by exploring very many facets of life, experimenting with stuff around rather than being sent to various developmental classes such as Dance, Gymnastics, Phonic, Reading Comprehensions and what not!.


Kids really enjoy when you give them the freedom to explore surroundings and let them find their own feat in those things. Unstructured playtime is what make them excel in life rather than indulging them with activities which probably they don’t like to do. Try to find interest levels of your kids by observing their creative inclinations and then try and set up either an activity or a toy which would actually help them build their logical & analytical skills. When you have siblings around, the best way is to watch them play from far and believe me you would be astonished with the kind of creative approach they apply in their plays and how your behavior gets reflected in each of their games. I have been noticing such instances in my twins quite often these days. When they come back home from school, they would just set up house, create an imaginary school, become teachers, teach each other, play with imaginary friends, then they would have mumma time and the works. Yes, kids enjoy imitating their parents and teachers whom they are too fond of. These lil munchkins behold huge potential and I am sure they are capable enough to carry on the academic burden later on, but today they need their own free space because this they wouldn’t  get in future. Then there would just be regret and no free time!


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