What It’s Like To Raise Twins?

What It’s Like To Raise Twins?

24 Nov 2017 | 3 min Read

prerna sharma

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It’s always a great ordeal managing twins be it a boy-boy, girl-girl or boy-girl. Yes, the twin combo is always fascinating for sure, but you give an outsider just 5 minutes with them, he/she would be back exhausted saying how do you manage such hyperactive naughty kids? This has always been the case with me whenever I travel by air, train or even local travelling in cabs. People just get so frustrated listening to their chit-chats and masti that they end up shouting at them.


During my son’s second stint in flight when he was just about 17 months, the flight attendant actually came to me once the 40 minute journey was over that hats off to you ma’am for managing such a naughty kid for 24 hours. I just got worked up seeing him for 40 odd minutes. Mind you, this was just one twin, the other one was blissfully chatter-boxing with her father all way long.


When they turned 2, my in laws took the onus of travelling with them by train sans their father. Imagine the kind of freedom they would have got. Firstly, it was an exhilarating experience for them traveling in train running, jumping and monkeying around the whole coach. Co-passengers were nicer till the time they could and finally after 2 hours, they requested us to either put them to sleep or give them something through which they can just be still at a place for the rest of the journey, which was highly unlikely. We did manage to calm them for some time, thanks to gadgets, but that also couldn’t last for longer. In between munchies also did their bit of calming their senses and then thankfully night played its part of making them go to zzzzzzzzzzzzzp. This was just one way journey experience. We had to come back again with the same and even more set of madness.


Car rides are another fun element for them when they actually invent games to play in the cramped up place, yet manage to do so successfully at the cost of irritating their mother throughout the journey. The funniest incident occurred just during the Ganpati festival. Kids are taught about each and every festival in school and so was Ganpati festival. While we were travelling somewhere, my daughter became ganpati and sat in exactly the same position like the lord on the top of the back seat and told the her sibling to pray in front of her ‘Ganpati Bappa Morya, Pudhcha varshy lavkarya’ and then she would bless him. It was such a funny, joyful and memorable moment for me & my husband. Their imagination and creativity is beyond words.


These are such short memoirs of their interesting persona. I am sure all of you must also be experiencing the same in your day-to-day encounters with the naughty nuts.   


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