From unwell to mfine in just 45 minutes!

From unwell to mfine in just 45 minutes!

Three-year-old Shruti had a sore throat since morning. Her mom, Natasha, noticed it but did not worry about it. By the time Shruti came back home in the evening, she was running a 101 temperature and her sore throat had given way to a nasty cough.


The toddler was cranky and irritable. How do you think Natasha would have reacted? Ask any mom who has a little one at home and the answer is likely to be: worried and anxious. Hundreds of questions go on in their heads including how will the baby cope, what medicines should be given, what doctor will be available in the night etc.  


Natasha was definitely concerned but not worried or anxious. She got Shruti changed, gave her some warm soup to drink and got her settled in bed. She then sat down on the bed next to the kid and turned on her phone and logged onto the mfine app. Within minutes, she had keyed in Shruti’s symptoms - persistent cough, temperature and a runny nose. The app then allowed her to choose the hospital and the doctor that she would like to consult. Within the next 10 minutes, she was having a video chat with the pediatrician from a top hospital nearby who recommended a course of treatment for the next two days with exact doses.


Natasha’s husband picked up the medicines from the nearest pharmacy store on his way home. After one dose, Shruti settled down and dozed off. Natasha and her husband too had a good night’s sleep!


Over the next two days, Natasha felt the need to follow-up with the doctor on a couple of other things. She was able to reach out to same doctor again easily on the app and got her questions answered promptly, all the time! The doctor assured her that she could walk into the hospital for a consultation anytime for no additional cost in case she felt the need.  


What can you do with mfine?


Mfine makes senior doctors available from reputed hospitals near you for online consultations. You can chat or opt for a video consult with the doctor and get diagnosed and treated. The app also allows you to upload any images, past medical records, prescriptions and discuss with the doctors in detail about what's bothering your child. You have unlimited access to the doctors’ team for the next seven days, both online and in the hospital, all for the same consultation fee!


Apart from bringing all nearby hospitals online and making them always available, mfine offers proactive care. You will be reminded of medicines, doctors will follow up about your child's health, will keep track and give you appropriate advice as your child recovers.


So Bengaluru, what are you waiting for? Try out mfine today and breathe easy with this smart healthcare companion.


To download the mfine app, click here


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