Curing Daily Ailments Through Naturopathy

Coming from a family, who prefers natural remedies over medicine, I was bound to follow the similar path when I delivered my boy. It’s been 13+ months and I have refrained myself from visiting pediatrician for reasons other than vaccines. Most of the baby related ailments and issues have been resolved at home, thanks to my mother’s vast knowledge of naturopathy and my growing knowledge of essential oils.The therapeutic benefits of these oils are largely accepted, why babies should miss out on these deliciously fragrant therapies. Essential oils have become the indispensable part of my motherhood journey. I have used it from sleep training my baby to treating bug bites.


Lavender Oil - ‘The calmer’.

The sedative and calming nature of this oil can relieve a fussy baby in no time. Incorporate this oil in baby’s night time ritual and watch him fall in deep slumber.

How to use- Put 1-2 drops in diffuser/humidifier, to set the mood. Dim the lights, play a lullaby(hush a bye, in my case). Or pour few drops of lavender oil diluted with coconut oil and water on baby’s bedding.


Chamomile Oil - ‘The Soother’.

Like lavender oil this oil posses calming and soothing properties. Use this oil in making your own cleanser to replace baby wipes.

How to use- In 1 cup boiled water, add 2 tablespoon baby wash, 3 tablespoon coconut oil and 5 drops of lavender and chamomile essential oil each. Fill a spray bottle and use this cleanser for every diaper change. It works wonder even on the driest poop.


Eucalyptus Oil - ‘The Healer’.

It is known for decongesting respiratory tract.

How to use- Put 1drop of Eucalyptus oil on baby’s bedding to treat blocked nose. Say bye bye to those saline drops and sleep inducing cough drops.


Tea Tree Oil - ‘The Purifier’ laden with antimicrobial property, this oil comes handy in disinfecting baby clothing, bedding etc. It can also be used on bug bites, scraps, cuts etc

How to use- Add few drops to baby detergent while washing clothes to disinfectant. In 1 cup aloe vera gel add 4-5 drops of Tea tree essential oil and lavender oil to make your own sanitizer.


(Always dilute the essential oil before using. Avoid using it topically and internally on babies below 1 year.)


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Woow.. wi am also a fan of naturopath but don't exactly know how to follow...

Shruti Giri thanks :)
Start with essential oils or condiments (cinnamon, nutmeg, clove etc).; If uding for first time then always use them topically. In case of essential oils use them through humidifier /diffuser. These are very strong in nature hence has to be used in small quantities. Once you start using you ll learn your way up. Grandmothers are treasure box when it comes to naturopathy, take their help.

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