How To Help Your Child Learn Fine Motor Activities

How To Help Your Child Learn Fine Motor Activities

25 Nov 2017 | 2 min Read

Rakhee Chhabria

Author | 10 Articles

Can you guess a simple object used at home that could enthral your child for hours?  Clothes pins! They are perfect for those little fingers! Something about the way they open and close is almost addictive to kids, they LOVE playing with it!


You have no idea how effective this little clothes pin is in keeping your tot busy and developing his nimble fingers. To know how, try this fun activity using just simple blocks and clothes pins!




Children learn to utilize those tiny muscles in the thumb and pointer finger which helps prepare their little hands for all sorts of tasks



  • Choose clips that are easy to work with
  • Work on lateral pinch, tip to tip pinch, three jaw chuck using clothes pins.
  • Show them different ways of holding a clip and let them decide which one is easy for them
  • Let the children practice opening and closing a number of times
  • Encourage them every time so that they try out different methods of pinching too.


How to play with your child: Encourage your child to open the clip and pin it onto the block. Let him/her do it a several times on the  same block. Later, when you child has mastered the skill you may ask him/her to pin the blocks by matching their colours. You can also ask her/him to pattern according to their colours as green – yellow alternately.


Encourage this action with various toys and role playing activities as your child grows. You will have a fine motor pro soon!


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