Meal Plans Week 5: 7-12 Months old babies

Meal Plans Week 5: 7-12 Months old babies

It is Week 5 at BabyChakra’s Kiddy Kitchen! We are whipping up yummy and nutritious recipes for your little ones.


It is winter and we have added some recipes in here that will warm up both your little one’s tummy and heart. Try them and tell us what you think of our meal plans!


These recipes have been put together by Healthy Eating Habits Expert Deepti Arora. And she has some great advice for you!


Your baby still doesn't have the muscle control to use a spoon well, but she's probably keen to try feeding herself anyway. Try scattering finger foods, such as steamed vegetable sticks, broccoli florets and plain pasta twists, onto your baby's highchair tray. Even if she doesn't have any teeth yet, she can still enjoy a wide range of foods. Her gums will be able to make quick work of soft foods such as fruits, cooked vegetables, and even toast and rice cakes.


Always remember to introduce one new food/food group at a time and let the child get accustomed to the taste, check for allergies and then move to the next.










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