5 Practical Ways To Maintain an Ideal Body Weight During Winter

5 Practical Ways To Maintain an Ideal Body Weight During Winter

It is the winter time of year again. Of course, winter is the time to stay in and cuddle up with a cosy blankets. Another side, weight loss or maintaining an ideal weight during winter is quite challenging for everyone.  Here are some practical ways that can help a lot to busy moms, stay motivated in “weight loss journey” during this winter.


Plan ahead

Yes! It is very important to “Plan ahead” for keeping the weight on track. The more thoughts you put into your diet and exercise plan in advance, the more likely you will adhere to it throughout the winter season.  


Explore new ways to indoor exercise

During winter, it is must to explore the new and exciting ways to indoor exercise. You may create home gym or find an indoor pool or buy a DVD to keep you active during winter. Think about learning yoga, kickboxing, spinning or other types of exercises that will make you sweat and give a great workout to your body.


Modification in recipes

To maintain an ideal calorie intake, you need to use few techniques with your creativity and imagination to create a healthy recipe. Try to include more and more healthy ingredients, limit the amount of sugar, fat and salt, eliminate the certain substance or by altering the method of cooking are the simplest techniques that can give a healthy twist to recipe.


Focus on moderation and maintain a healthy balance

Do not over do. To avoid extra mental pressure, you need to focus on maintain a moderation and maintain a healthy life style.


Use “specific strategies for holidays and festival celebration

Of course, during holidays it is challenging to always eat healthy. Overindulgence in party foods that are mostly in high calories is the major  cause of putting extra pounds during holidays. And for avoiding it, you should

  • Never go to party with empty stomach. Always try to have a small portion of healthy snacks before leaving for the party, if you are hungry than there are more chance of overindulgence.
  • . Always start your main food with a platter of salad or bowl of soup for feeling fulfilled. Focus on enjoys the event and meeting the people rather than just focus on how much I can eat?


So just enjoy the weather with these special steps to maintain an ideal body weight.  Did you try any other special strategies to maintain an ideal body weight during winter? Please share with us.


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