Ensuring A Tear Free First Day Of School For Your Child

Ensuring A Tear Free First Day Of School For Your Child

This is the dreadful moment for all the parents to waive and say a tear filled good-bye to our most near and dear kids who have never been left under the care of someone else until they joined the school.


I prepared so much to cope with my anxiety of letting my son join the new environment with unfamiliar people who he had no idea of what it’s going to be. I was apprehensive, yet made myself calm and wiped my tear before it would be noticed by many and specially my son.


My heart felt so heavy, I felt like I had a ball juggling between my chest and the throat, silently choked. I know it’s time to go, if I let my son know my anxiety he would fear. So, I mustered up all my courage to bid a good-bye.


There I let go of my son’s tiny fist and waved at him and moved swiftly. I know if I stay a little more either my kid or I would cry. Then, I heard this feeble voice “Ma”. I fumbled for a second, should I move or respond was my question. Again he called “Bye Maa”. Oh my God! What a sigh of relief to hear that from my little toddler who had never been given an opportunity to say such a big word.


A-Good-Bye. I turned and hugged him quickly and waived to leave. I saw the little tRout with a cheerful  smile. It was incredibly an awesome gesture by the little one. This gesture spoke a million words to me.  

Hope all moms could relate to this. So, here I’m to give few quick suggestions on how to making it go smoothly.


1. Prepare your kids mentally

We were all scared to death on the first day of school. So think about That. Leaving the comforting rituals of life at home for a new set of people and rules can be scary. Start talking about this several weeks before so that he can have a picture of what is expected. Share your own experience if possible.


2. Put on a happy face.

Though anxiety may kill you inside, try not to show to your little one. Wear a smile, be positive. Give them a hug.  


3. Keep good bye’s shorter

The more you are going to stay with your child, it’s going to make them feel insecure . So, make good bye’s shorter.  


4. Don’t panic if they have meltdowns

Even if your child is howling like a banshee and clinging like a barnacle, chances are he’ll be fine five minutes after you walk out the door.


5. Go on a mini shopping spree

Buying her a new backpack, pencil case, and set of crayons will make her feel like a big kid.


6. Plan a day before

Instead of running hither, thither in the morning, keep all the stuff you need for tomorrow at one place like backpack, stationeries etc. Ask your toddler to choose their dress. This would give them some comfort.  


7. Be a little early

Try to get early to the school on the first day so that  you get sometime to talk one on one with the teacher of your pre-schooler, so he/she could get acquainted with the place before the place becomes busy.


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