Post - Partum Depression - It’s real!!

Post - Partum Depression - It’s real!!

I have always been a fighter. I never thought something like postpartum depression could bother me. But trust me, I suffered from it even though mildly and I am not ashamed to admit that. I used to keep on crying for no reasons. I am one person who needs 8 hours of night sleep. I just cannot do without it. But when Baby S was born, she refused to sleep all night long. I had to be awake because I did not trust the night maid. And I would keep crying. Everyone in the house thought that I had gone made. So here, I jot down some tips which will help you counter post-partum depression - 

1. Educate your family members. They need to understand that post-partum depression is real. This was my biggest mistake. Since I thought I cannot be a victim to this, I never bothered to tell anyone about it.


2. Put your support system in place before you go to the hospital.


3. If you trust your maid, good enough or else ensure there is  somebody whom you trust to supervise the maid at night. I had major trust issues. Remember, a good night’s sleep with minimum breaks is extremely vital.


4. If possible ask your mother to be with you. No one else can understand you better in that moment. Not even your husband.


5. If you live alone, provide all the information like where from ration and vegetables would come, phone numbers of maid, milkman, dhobi etc to your hubby, MIL or mother so that you are not unnecessarily disturbed.


6. After 10-15 days, once your stitches are better, start walking around  the house. It will make you feel a lot better. Confinement in a room aggravates depression.


7. If nothing else works, talk to BabyChakra moms.


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