Childhood Nostalgia With Monsoon Memories

Childhood Nostalgia With Monsoon Memories

28 Nov 2017 | 2 min Read


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Today after being pleaded for a new toy I went to the toy shop & by default started filtering for the brain updating (just like you get gadget software updates) games or toys which will enhance his skills. During that scrutiny my eyes fell on this game- Ludo/ Snake & Ladders and it made me so nostalgic. A realization drew upon me that how we have become oblivious of the simple pleasures of life and the simplicity with which we have led our childhood.


I personally never had lego, ELC toys etc. During those times life was pretty sorted- monsoons were meant to get wet, evening time was for kho-kho, pakam-pakdia,stapu or any other outdoor games. Whenever I was not able to play outside we (me & my brother) were handed over Ludo cum snakes & ladders by mom. We used to enjoy it thoroughly first of all choosing colours of pawns then deciding on first turns & then eventually waiting for the dice to show 6. 

Similarly, a few days back a close friend reminded of how we used to get drenched together in rain. And now during monsoons when I stop my brat to get wet in rain- the whiff of wet soil (a predominant fragrance during monsoons), sounds of birds chirping, dancing trees, colourful umbrellas and of course relief from the heat always makes me see the “virtual bubble” that I have created around my baby. So this monsoon, I decided to burst the bubble and let him enjoy in the rain & trust me when I say “he was crazy like a baboon”. Splashing, kicking, jumping in water puddles and laughing during the entire episode. I was overwhelmed to see him like that. 

So c’mon mommies let shatter the mirage and make our babies familiar with the simple pleasures of our world which are far away from the “NEVERLAND” they are living in.


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