Why I Don’t Regret Being A Stay At Home Mom

Why I Don’t Regret Being A Stay At Home Mom

28 Nov 2017 | 2 min Read


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When I conceived, the motherly gut kicked inside me (along with the baby), I made up my mind of leaving my professional life and also of not keeping a nanny. Although everyone around me discouraged me from doing so but I decided to be a Stay-At-Home-Mom, which many of us these days either don’t have the privileged (financially) or patience  (career-oriented) to be one.

A friend recently advised me that I should have kept a nanny because kids won’t remember what we sacrificed for them or who was there to console them when they got a boo-boo. But I have a different ideology which says- “that some jobs in this world are meant to be done without expectations”. Yes! There are sacrifices, but most of these are either materialistic or self centered – my success, my financial security, my self-worth, my need for the respect from others, which are not wrong in any way.


Yes, sometimes I feel trapped ,I stay longer in washroom  just for a break, feel jealous when I see other working friends, dependent on relatives even for a night out, miss reading novels etc. But then it’s all worth it because 3 years down the line I know I’m going to miss shouting NO! all the time, changing dirty diapers, non -stop hearing mama, mama, mama & in case of boys even mama I LOVE YOU!

For me, there is no right answer about whether it is better to work or stay at home. My motto is that a happy woman makes a happy mom and a happy mom makes happy kids. Some of my friends thrive at work while others will never survive under corporate pressure, but can handle mommy pressure very well and some are leaving their high-profile jobs to be one. At the end of the day it’s all about being satisfied in whatever you are doing.


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