Cakes And Tots in The Kitchen: Top Posts This Week

Brrr! The chill in the air is unmistakable and all we want to do is curl up in a corner with ginger tea, soup and a book or better still, our top posts. Moms who made it to the top posts list this week made us feel fuzzy! Read on!


We can't take our eyes off Top momstar Shruti Giri’s baby chef! What does he do in the kitchen? Find out!



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Bestie Momstar Krithika Lall feels her mom is like God. And we couldn't agree more!



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Bestie Momstar Nancy Singh’s delicious beat-the-blues chocolate banana cake had us asking, “How does she do it?”



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We missed Top Momstar Roopashree’s post last week, but we felt it had to be featured. Her little one had a super interesting question on ants. Want to know?



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How your baby lies in your tummy will determine how you deliver. Learn more from super Momstar Dr Payal M



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Rachita Choudhary's son came home with a floral handkerchief. Who's was it?



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What does Niharika Pandey do when the baking bug bites her? She bakes this amazing walnut pie!



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Bestie Momstar Sowmya Prithvi has a great mantra when it comes to toddler foods. Keep it simple!



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What's been the most defining role in your life? Asks Top Momstar Sumira Bhatia. Her post made us think.



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Keep warm, mommies!


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Awesome roundup! Congrats Shruti Giri Sumira Bhatia Kritika Lall nancy singh Dr. Payal M Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa and others!!!!

Wow!!! Thank you baby chakra ♥️ thanks asha chaudhry and congrats to other mommies 😗

Super posts mommies....keep it up..hope this makes you feel better. Get well soon Kritika Lall

Woww beautiful ....Kritika Lall congrtaes to all

Congrats every one!
Thanks Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa . It was a combined post Babychakra.

Thank you 😗

Congratulations everyone ..nice collection!!

I wish I knew this before

Congrats to everyone❤

Oh wow! My first feature..doing my happy dance😄😄
Sumira Bhatia your post moved me!

Congratulations mommies

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