Signs of Labor That Are Hard To Miss (And No One Told You)

Signs of Labor That Are Hard To Miss (And No One Told You)

29 Nov 2017 | 2 min Read


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My little one was born on my birthday. And I had not paid heed to the obvious signs of labour in all that excitement of celebrating the birthday before the baby is here.


I had even gone for a movie just a day before the baby’s arrival. But that was not very wise. Going unprepared out of home around 2 weeks before the EDD is not a good idea. While the labour pains take long, however in case of water burst, one needs to be rushed to the hospital for monitoring.

Signs of labour that are actually hard to miss:


All that anxiety and no sign of the baby showing up? Well, there are a few signs that indicate the onset of labour:


  • You may feel a cramp-like pain in the abdomen. The kinds you feel at the start of periods. This may be accompanied by back pain as well.
  • You may suddenly feel lighter on the tummy. It’s actually called “lightening”. The heaviness of the baby’s weight goes away and you start feeling more comfortable, or as if the baby has gone higher/or dropped lower. Whichever way it is, it does make the mommy more comfortable to move around.
  • Of course water-breaking is the most obvious sign
  • Bloody vaginal discharge or the mucus plug breaking loose
  • Few days of diarrhea or nausea for no apparent reason
  • Nestling instinct. One may feel like confining themselves indoors all of a sudden, and getting things huddled together for comfort.



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