Why Parenting Is A Learning Curve?

Why Parenting Is A Learning Curve?

Parenting is no rocket science. I believe it is much more difficult. Overtime, parents evolve, circumstances change and yes, kids get tougher to tackle. The typical parenting booklets and tricks tell you all the right techniques but the one thing they lack is that ​these fail to tell you how to get these right! Parenting is not a formula---no one rule applies to all - works here. ​For me​, as a to-be parent ​sometime soon​, it is important that ​I take parenting as a curve​ ​instead​ ​of​ ​a​ ​chapter. Read up to know the why behind this thought!


The​ ​Top​ ​Concerns

While planning a kid, most women fail to be  prepared enough to parent their newborn into a fine individual. What’s more is that parenting for me and most of my friends is almost like a course. You have the entire framework and the syllabus but fail to grasp the huge depth it comes with.


The main anxieties I face are -

What if my baby does not turn out to be what I expect and so on. Perhaps, ​as my mum says​, this is the first mistake in scaling the parenting curve. We need to think differently. Parenting is about rearing your kids and letting them be what they individually are.


Knowing​ ​That​ ​You​ ​Can​ ​Mess​ ​Up

Stepping up the parenting curve, there will come experiences that might make me fall flat. Am I worried? Yes, I am but then again, unless I know that I might goof up, I cannot handle my mess. Being responsible means to come through your mistakes and accepting these to teach you what you are.


Some moments will be bitter,  some sweet and some still, bittersweet. The question of when exactly you need to let the strings loose and when you have to tighten things is all-essential.


Parenting is not taught but it sure is an acquired skill.  It has to be learnt along with experience. ​My experience is about to start but I am sure I can handle the steering​ ​just​ ​right.  


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