Things​ You Should​ ​Never​ Say To​ A ​Parent

Things​ You Should​ ​Never​ Say To​ A ​Parent

29 Nov 2017 | 2 min Read

Satarupa B Kaur

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Parenthood is a wonderful phase. While having kids is one lovely feeling, bringing them up can be a mixed bag, there could be few insensitive people who could blow your mind off negatively by passing loose comments that they should not ​ have​.


Is​ it worthy enough to work when your kids are not that big?

Now​ this is something that cannot be your concern.


You​ should be teaching them some manners

Well well, every kid is different ​ and​ ​ subject​ ​ to​ ​ bad​ ​  or​ ​ good​ ​  ​days. ​Stop​​ judging.​


You​ need to take a break from your kids

This​ is completely rude to tell ​parents.


Is​ the day-care facility quality enough?

Again,​ when a parent has thought day-care to be apt for his/her kid/s, you cannot pass judgements.


Is​ parenting​ exhausting?

Of course it is but then parents do not look at the ​ exhaustion​ with​ regret!​ ​


Imagine​ when your kids grow up and move out!

Yes, so they will. Is ​ that​ a​ ​problem?​


I​ do not get after whom your kid takes his looks

The worst thing to tell ​a​ ​parent​ no  matter​ what​ you​​ ​think​ in​ ​your head.​ 


How​ do you handle his tantrums?

Parenting​ teaches you to handle anything.


Do​ you get bored with parenting?

Of course, you will only get sneers with such a question.


Do you get time for your love life anymore?

Couple-hood and parenthood are​ coexistent​ ​that’s​ how ​​the​ world​ ​runs!


Are​ you planning another kid?

This could stump parents especially if they have toddlers or very small kids. Family planning is too personal ​a​ domain let​ alone​ ​being​​ answered​ ​so simply.​


Do​ you want tips to keep your kid tidier?

Well, no parent likes to admit they need tips but of course, if you could give them some without being​ rude enough you​ ​are welcome.​


Even you would be a parent someday!   Would none of these statements hurt if hurled your way? Comment and let me know.


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