Smart Condom That Tells How Your Man Performed In Bed

Smart Condom That Tells How Your Man Performed In Bed

If you or your husband are fitness freaks who like to measure how many steps you took in a day, or how many calories you burnt/consumed, this new invention might interest you.


I.Con, the world’s first smart condom, is here.


The condom looks like a tiny rubber bracelet and it will tracks a man’s calories burnt during sex and then sends data to a smartphone. You can say it functions like fitbit, but between the sheets.


The I.Con has the ability to track speed, duration of sex, “average thrust velocity” and the frequency of your sessions. These statistics can be tracked by the i.Con app which will give an insight about your performance. Quite like a report card for your man after a roll in the hay, isn’t it?


We feel it might possibly increase a couple’s drive to perform better, or just take the magic out of spontaneity. What do you say?


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