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Five Return Gift Ideas

Five Return Gift Ideas

30 Nov 2017 | 3 min Read

Ruchi Singla

Author | 5 Articles

I am mother to two beautiful kids and have already celebrated few birthdays for them .I have realized that planning birthday venue, cake, food menu can still be repeated on each birthday as I celebrated them twice a year but when it came to return gifts, I found they required meticulous planning without repetition and should be in accordance to age and gender.


As my both kids say Mom other kids just come to get their return gifts at the end of the party. It’s their earnings from the birthday party and they are all really looking forward to it. Here are few ideas for them. These gifts are for age group from 2-8 years as per my experience.


1. A drawing book with 10 colored crayons set: Very easily available on all stationary shops. Light on pocket. Caters to age group of 2-10 years irrespective of gender. Take care that drawing books have large outlined figures on each page in which coloring has to be done.


2. A set of ten pencils with sharpener and eraser: Trip to stationer again. Practical and useful for all age groups. Most underrated return gift but has been there since my own childhood.


3. Do it yourself craft kits: A little craft kit can be planned as per the gender. Like a bead set for girls or building blocks for boys. You can vary it according to few festivals too. Like DIY Christmas kit or Denali kit. Price could vary according to number of parts.


4. Little unconventional but practical: Pack a ladoo, samosa, barfi and few candies-Any mithai shop can pack 3-4 pieces of mithai according to your choice and budget. Good for other family members as sometimes only children are invited.


5. A small potted plant: caters to almost all age groups. Can be picked up easily from any plant nursery just before the party. Light on pocket. Variation can be yellow pots for boys and pink for girls.


Many children like to celebrate birthdays in schools. All the classmates sing birthday song expecting something in return.Choclates, muffins or even biscuit pack bring cheers to them. Above ideas can also be easily implemented and gifts can also be sent in schools according to the number of students in the class.


Though many readymade return gifts are available in market but I guess they are too common and are of not much use. After period of time you find them scattered all over the room. Therefore they end up in a bin or are easily lost. Customization of return gifts with the help of your children makes the birthday party even more fun. #blogathon @babychakra


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