What a forgotten tiffin dabba taught me

What a forgotten tiffin dabba taught me

30 Nov 2017 | 3 min Read

Ruchi Singla

Author | 5 Articles

On another usual working school day, my elder son got late in the morning and rushed to catch his school bus. In the midst of hurrying and reaching the bus stop on time, he forgot his snack box and food box on the table. After about half an hour later, I found tiffin boxes left behind. I discovered that he had left without having his glass of milk too. I panicked and asked my husband to rush to his school and drop his tiffins .He reached before the snack break but the school authorities did not let him drop tiffins at school  gate saying that it was in compliance with school rules that tiffins cannot be given to students during school hours due security reasons. At the same time they assured him that class teacher will allow him to have canteen meal.


I was sad and dejected as my son was all left by himself  and hungry and thirsty through the day.


The day went by and my son was home in the afternoon. On asking that how he managed without any meal, his reply took me by surprise. The entire class had shared their tiffins during the snack and lunch break, he had hearty meal prepared by various students. The entire fraternity of mothers love and nutrition for him. He explained me this is how they shared food if anybody forgets their meals. He said it was blessing in disguise as it would help the child have so many delicious dishes.


The concept so simple, made the class mates become friends for life time. Food can bring people together like none other thing.


It made me realize that the love shared means love increased exponentially. One good deed travels in a circle and come back to you in times of need.


On the same day, I had a good conversation with my both my children and advised them to be more generous and develop courtesy of sharing their meals with their class mates as it was beginning and a small step in making them better human beings.


Also now I pack extra quantity of food so that it can be shared among all the children in the class. I too have learnt an important lesson that we all are part of the society and this little contribution from my side travelled an important mile and made me feel more worthy and significant and a better human being. 


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