How To Help Your Child Learn Fine Motor Coordination

How To Help Your Child Learn Fine Motor Coordination

Go Nutty with This Nuts and Bolts Game!


How exciting it is for kids to play with things their parents would never give them. What? Well, yes! I am talking about nuts and bolts and kids love playing with them. Sure, they aren’t something you’d first think of offering your child as a toy but they really are fun and great for developing fine motor skills and other important mathematical concepts.






  • Nuts and bolts are easy to find in a tool box/hardware box
  • Ensure you wash them well before giving it to children
  • Also do not give it to them if they are rusted. Only stainless steel or plastic pieces should be given. They are easy to find in any hardware shop too


How to play with your child: Give the nuts and bolts to your children and let them experiment and observe. It is fun to see them explore its size, weight and textures too. Later talk to them that bolts could be wound onto nuts. Show them how it works and let them experiment with each piece to find out which one goes with which. This will keep them engaged for quite some time. Enjoy playing!



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