Steps To Ensure A Normal Delivery

Steps To Ensure A Normal Delivery

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Childbirth is one of the most beautiful experiences a woman can have. Every mother-to-be wishes for a normal delivery. Although often perceived to be a risk-free process, sometimes it can often end in an unpleasant and painful experience. A normal childbirth allows for quick recovery of the mother post delivery. Pregnant women are always eager to know how to have a normal childbirth, and while there is no guarantee whether you will have a normal delivery, you can always take steps to ensure the same. Here are  some steps one can take to ensure a smooth and normal delivery.


  • Be well informed




Being well informed is being well warned. Regular updates  regarding the health of your baby eases the tension surrounding childbirth. The doctor should explain why a normal delivery is much safer for the mother as well as the baby. He must also explain the pros and cons of a normal delivery vs C-section and their complications in future pregnancies. Babies born via normal delivery are at a lesser risk of developing respiratory problems, diabetes, and obesity in adult life. Talk to your doctor about this information if it is not forthcoming directly from your doctor.


  • Keep your weight in check and exercise regularly



The phrase, “Eating for two” is actually a myth. It is important to not put on excessive weight during pregnancy as it can lead to complications for the baby. The extra calories that a pregnant mother needs depends on her weight before pregnancy. Furthermore, it is important to exercise daily as it helps to build up stamina to endure labor. For women with a sedentary lifestyle, start with a 15 minute brisk walk and gradually increase it to 45 minutes daily. Light yoga exercises and pranayamas also help. Avoid any strenuous exercises that can harm the unborn baby.



  • Take childbirth classes



Studies have shown that women who enroll in prenatal classes have 50% more chances of having a normal delivery without a cesarean than those women who did not. Women often feel underprepared in the latter part of their pregnancies. Prenatal classes can help to educate the women better and prepare them for labor and childbirth. If possible, also try to take the father along as you can lean on him once you go into labor.


Learn some prenatal yoga asanas in this video.


  Source: Yoga With Adriene


  • Deep breathing can go a long way



Very few women realize the importance of deep breathing once they are in labor. Due to the tremendous pain and anxiety, most women end up breathing incorrectly. One needs to practice deep breathing with the correct technique to allow maximum oxygen intake for maintaining the baby’s health. Deep breathing also helps in reducing stress drastically and helps to boost energy.

Watch this video on how to practice deep breathing during labor.


Source: Howcast


  • Eat healthy



One of the great things about pregnancy is that you can eat a lot! Pregnant women are always reminded to eat more during their pregnancy to ensure proper growth of the fetus. However many to-be moms not realize that they have eaten too much. This may lead to complications which could hamper normal delivery. Women who eat healthy need lesser medical interventions. Eating more is a necessity, but eating too much is a no-no. Remember to take vitamins and iron tablets as prescribed by the doctor.


Disclaimer: The information in the article is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your doctor.


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