5 Interesting Clay Crafts For Your Little Ones

5 Interesting Clay Crafts For Your Little Ones

It is always a Challenge to keep a hyper-active toddler busy, and the toughest part being that they get bored so quickly and so easily.


So mommy has to think of different activities on a daily  basis, which should be fun interesting, includes skill development and new experiences.


Recently, we have been enjoying making crafts with  Play-doh (clay).


Clay modelling helps

  • develop fine motor skills
  • creative problem solving
  • builds hand muscles
  • enhance creativity
  • sense of accomplishment and achievement

We started with the basic shape (s) cutters that came with our Clay - doh box.



Then progressed with few more fun craft ideas. Of course, the more technical things are made by me, but I involve him in making round and flat shapes and ask him the colors i should use. The final product given my baby a sense of achievement, and me a sense of satisfaction.


1. Elephant



This was our first creation, quite evident, isn’t it? Lil one made clay balls for head and limbs.


2. Caterpillar





We were reading “The Hungry Caterpillar”, so he wanted to make a caterpillar. It was fun to make colourful balls.


3. Vegetables



He has a set of plastic vegetables and he loves playing pretend-play. So thought of making more veggies out of clay.


4. Flower Basket



This was simply because I saw it online and was tempted to make.


5. Dinosaur and the whole Dino clan




My 2.5 year old son is crazy for Dinosaurs (Courtesy: Dinosaur Train and Peppa Pig). So had to make a Dinosaur and Daddy later made the whole clan.


Clay-doh can keep any toddler busy for good half hour. They would love to cut with the plastic knife and make round shapes, and the shapes and cutters that come with the clay-doh.


It’s fun to see their interpretation of different shapes they make. Pure Innocence and Imagination!!


Disclaimer: All Photographs in this article are original and belong to the author. Reproducing them in any form without the permission of the author will not be allowed.


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