Importance of Grandparents: Why grandparents are a boon

Importance of Grandparents: Why grandparents are a boon

5 Dec 2017 | 2 min Read

Aanchal Parasrampuria Adukia

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I always believe, I am quite unfortunate when it comes to getting love from my grandparents. Before, I could even learn to count numbers 1 to 10, I lost my both sets of grandparents.

I always saw, my friends and cousins Dada-Dadi and Nani-Nanoo pampering them and showering them with unconditional love and care.

We realise, the value of something, when we are at a loss on it.

God has been very kind, with Adi baby, in blessing him with unconditional love of his Dadoo Dadi and Nanoo. He is the apple of their eyes. Their day starts and ends with listening to Adi baby’s giggles and laughters. It’s so evident, once your parents start aging, their world becomes very restrictive and revolves more around their grandchildren. Suddenly the parents get promoted to being grandparents. Many a times, I question myself, Is it more of a responsibility or does the sense of responsibility comes down with the grand tag?

I have to give them the credit of being visionary, when it comes specially to the upbringing of our children. I may not agree to each and every opinion and judgement, but yes, I appreciate their wisdom towards life to a great extent .

Some very thought provoking words expressed by Adi baby’s Dadi were “ Adi brings so much of joy, happiness and love to all of us. What do we give him back?” Yes the answer was, we also give him joy, love and happiness. Adi’s Dadi explained me that as parents and guardians, it’s not only our duty to surround him with love, joy and happiness, but to ensure an upbringing for him, which gives him ample opportunities of developing into an intellectual, happy, socially responsible individual. When I brooded over this thought, I realised and understood the depth inside the term of being a parent.


Being a mum is still an easy job, but to be a parent and a grandparent, demands much more compassion.

Thank you, dear mom, for making me conscious, of the responsibility and vision, that comes along with the tag of being a parent.


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