Slurrp Farm Pancakes - My Child Loved Them!

Slurrp Farm Pancakes - My Child Loved Them!

There is no mother who would say no to this question.


I am today reviewing Slurrp Farm - Millet Pancakes which has been a great option for my 4 year old.


P.S. : I got the sample of the slurrp farm Millet pancakes from This is not a paid review though.


About Slurrp Farm

Slurrp Farm is a packaged baby food brand that makes nutritious, healthy and all natural baby food including cookies and mixes for various recipes.



The brand was started by two mothers who were worried about getting healthy fresh food for their little ones. They came together and worked on various ingredients to get some fabulous products for our kiddos.


The Pancake mix Ingredients

I have got a 150gm packet of the pancake mix which is filled with goodness of


1. Foxtail Millet

2. Amaranth

3. Oats

4. Jowar

5. Natural Banana

6. Chocolate chip


Time and method of preparing pancake


It is a ready to make mix which requires 2 more ingredients to be added.


To one portion of the mix powder we need to add half portion of milk and 1 egg(optional). In case you do not eat egg you can add additional half portion of milk.


Mix all the ingredients together to form a thin consistent paste. Keep it aside for 5 mins



Warm a non stick pan and pour around 2 teaspoon of the mixture on the pan and let it cook.


Tip : cover it with a lid for even and faster cooking for the batter

Turn it to the other side and cook for 2-3 mins.



You can serve the pancakes with nutella, jam, honey, strawberries. 



My daughter loved them with Nutella and honey. 


Overall Thoughts


The Pancake mix is not only easy, since it has no preservatives added its natural healthy option. It was really yummy. The highlight were the chocolate chips in the mix. My daughter was the most excited to see the choco chips and hence wanted me to make the pancakes as soon as possible. 



She loved loved it thoroughly.. SLURRP SLURRP!!!


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