Mama Earth Hair Care Range: A Must For A Woman

Mama Earth Hair Care Range: A Must For A Woman

7 Dec 2017 | 3 min Read

ruqaiya khan

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I recently received the Mama Earth Happy Heads Shampoo and No More Tangles Conditioner. Thanks to the team of BabyChakra!


Here goes my review:


Happy Heads Shampoo


The Mama Earth Shampoo comes in a 200 ml bottle.


This shampoo contains Biotin , Horse Chestnut and Amla.


Sulfate free, Paraben Free and Dye free


If you have not yet jumped on the “no poo train of shampoo trends” then this is your chance . A sulfate free shampoo is a mild cleanser rather than the same old generic shampoo we have been using. Sulfates are harsh chemicals that can  strip natural oils  from your hair and leave them extremely dry and brittle.


Therefore, it’s a good option to switch to a Mama Earth Sulfate free shampoo. Also, if you are a curly hair girl, this shampoo would be a better option.



Mama Earth Happy Heads Shampoo smells like Amla just as the shampoo mentions. It’s very refreshing , gives you a clean feel .



Mama Earth Happy Heads Shampoo contains Biotin , Amla, and Horse Chestnut- all ingredients to give your hair much needed care and love .

Biotin helps in the growth and strength of the hair.  Amla and Horse Chestnut are a great help to hair nourishment.



It’s quite affordable for a sulfate free shampoo. Plus it is free shipping if you get it from BabyChakra.


Mama Earth No More Tangles Conditioner


Mama Earth No More Tangles Conditioner is a Pthalates Free , Dye free , Paraben Free, SLS free. Its free from most harmful chemicals in conditioner and has great ingredients milk protein, Cocoa Butter and Fenugreek.


Silicone free

Mama Earth No More Tangles conditioner is silicone free . This means there are no nasty silicone which coat the hair shaft and prevent moisture from entering the hair cuticle. Silicone are found in many commercial conditioners and can be a major cause for dull hair . The build up of these chemicals leads to a lot of damage .If you are using sulfate free shampoo you need a silicone free conditioner. As silicone are not washed away without harsh sulfate.



As much as I wanted this conditioner to remove my tangles this conditioner didn’t do that. Mama Earth No More Tangles conditioner does not have enough slip to de-tangle hair during the shower. It provides medium moisture. I would use this as a co-wash for my hair and a leave in.



Mama Earth conditioner smells like cocoa butter . It is really sweet smelling



The price is affordable for a silicone free conditioner. You can buy this from BabyChakra


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