Mom Who Knows Money: Meet Shubham Agrawal

Mom Who Knows Money: Meet Shubham Agrawal

9 Dec 2014 | 3 min Read

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Meet the intelligent mom Shubham, a Chartered Accountant now a Finance entrepreneur helping other small businesses and independent professionals manage their money matters online. Here she shares her journey of turning her dreams into a success while being a loving mother to her son…

1. My mom quotient :

I am a very hands-on mother. I encourage independence and natural curiosity. At the same time, I am a very emotional parent. I cried louder than my son on his first day of pre-school and cursed myself for sending him out to the world so early.

My parenting style is easy going and fun. What I have learnt is that there is no perfect way of parenting. We have to keep evolving our approach as the child grows. My son is in his naughty two’s now, So I am quite the Momzilla right now As he grows up, I want to be around as his friend and guide.

2. My Mom Inc. Story:

After my son, I had been on a break from corporate life for almost 1.5 years. I had previously worked at Morgan Stanley and Copal Partners post my MBA(Finance) from SCMHRD. I wanted to up-skill myself and get back to work on my own terms. So I completed my CA and started my own website We help people file their taxes and sort out their CA matters online.

My first break after clearing CA was a flex-job through Fleximoms (Now Sheroes). Remote working made me aware of the potential of technology and the need for CA services to come online. So, I went on to establish a convenient tax filing portal In this busy world the salaried and small businesses do not have time to engage with CAs face to face. With this venture, we have brought intimate financial advice on your phones and laptops.

Within 4 months of launching the beta version, we have a strong client base from across India. People are very happy to get quality response from our experts online. We are also on the panel of experts of Economic Times Wealth and solve reader queries in their Monday edition. We regularly impart financial awareness through our Articles in the Times of India and Economic Times.

3. Who inspired/ supported me:

My Husband and my brother are my two pillars of support. While my husband constantly encourages me to push my boundaries, my brother is my professional powerhouse. He is a CA for 15 years now and my go to person for technical advice and client handling. Another name worth mentioning would be Sheroes. It was through them that I received my first opportunity and the idea of germinated.

4. Advice/tips:

Professional Tips: Don’t wait for that one perfect day to start something. Just do it! Secondly, if you are constantly struggling for time, learn to use the early mornings and late nights

Personal Tips: Get your support system upright. Be it your in-laws, husband, baby sitter, day care. Create a loving and dependable support system for your child. You will function better knowing the child is in safe hands. Also don’t lose your motivation. Sooner or later good, honest work will always be appreciated. Perseverance pays off. Give yourself some time and keep setting higher targets for yourself.

5. I love BabyChakra because, It is my baby google. From mommy recommended services to gyaan on just about anything related to parenting all at one place

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