Mommy’s Movie Review: Coco

Mommy’s Movie Review: Coco

12 Dec 2017 | 5 min Read

Nandini Aravind

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Pixar is back with it’s 19th animation film after the famous four-wheeled racing sensation Lightning McQueen in Cars 3 took the box office by storm. Coco, like most Pixar movies is vibrant, fresh and makes for a visual treat – worth it so much that you are more likely to unquestioningly wear the not-so germ-free 3d glasses.

What is the movie about?

The movie starts off with the audience being updated on the history of how the Rivera family hate music starting from the great-great-grandma Mamma Imelda. Her husband had abandoned her and the daughter to pursue a career in music, never to return. Eventually, she single handedly raises the child and also creates a family legacy of making shoes that is passed on to everyone in the family including her sons-in law. Miguel, like most kids who have their own passion and purpose in life, loves….MUSIC! It’s his life’s dream to become a famous musician just like his idol Ernesto De la Cruz. And we have to give it to the 12-year-old boy who can really play the guitar well especially having learnt it while watching old videos of Ernesto De la Cruz in his attic-cum-hideaway. Since he gets no family support, an angry Miguel runs away from home to take part in a Talent show. He steals the guitar that belongs to Ernesto De La Cruz, which is cursed. So when he plays on it, he is magically transported to the Land of the Dead, where the dear departed live in spirit, basically as skeletons. The movie then is all about Miguel meeting his dead ancestors including his great- great grandma Mamma Imelda. The more Miguel stay in the Land of the Dead he turns more into a skeleton, only his family’s true blessing can return him. He teams up with a harmless trickster skeleton/spirit named Hector and heads out to find his estranged great-great grandpa for his true blessing after his other ancestors refuse to support his musical passion.

What you learn from the movie?

The Mexican love for tradition is demonstrated well in the movie. They are shown celebrating ‘Dia De los Muertos (Day of the Dead) where the living remember the deceased and pay them a tribute by placing their pictures and making offerings (offerandas) to them. Kids realize that although that their loved ones aren’t with them, they are indeed looking down upon us with love and blessings. The movie has loads of feel-good moments and super fun scenes with Miguel and Hector, especially the one where Hector, a musician himself guides Miguel to take part in a Talent show. The voice overs are just on point and suit every character to the tee. But I think the most important lesson of all is about following your heart and your passion even when your own people don’t understand or support you, No matter what your age.

Advised Age group: Perfect for kids above 5 years, kids 3 years and above may enjoy a whole lot too!

Things to watch out for:

The rapport between Miguel and Hector. The whole Land of the Dead may tend to be a bit much for kids below 5 years initially, with all the well-dressed skeletons walking around. But you get used to it in a few scenes. The most crucial thing to watch out for is the surprisingly, couldn’t-even-guess twist in the end which will make you all go Aww!!! Sorry no spoilers here!!

Mom’s Verdict:

A definite must watch, it’s truly inspiring to see how determined and focused Miguel is about his dream, but also later realizes that his family too is important and is ok giving up music if it is comes to a situation where his family needs him. Overall a fun movie to watch with a couple of tissues though.

A 5-year-old’s candid review:

I liked Coco a lot, it taught me that music isn’t a curse and a good thing. Also I got to know that my great grandparents are always seeing me and blessing me from where they are, which doesn’t have loos as they said it in the movie when Miguel needs to use one. When I asked my mom why it was so, she said because they are all not living anymore. But during the festival they are seen eating nicely and drinking a red juice so that part is a bit confusing where the eaten food was going. But I like Miguel and Dante, stray dog friend who keeps following him a lot! And if you are wondering who Coco is, she is Miguel’s his great grand mamma who is now very old and can’t hear just like my great grandma.


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