Let's Allow Them To Be Independent And Strong

Let's Allow Them To Be Independent And Strong

My child is growing up and I need to put what I know and hear into practice. I fear I may not be able to keep up with this undeniable challenge of keeping him safe! I don't want to keep him on a metaphorical umbilical cord, but I am simply reflecting a concern of an anxious and paranoid parent!


Nowadays, he thinks he has become independent and can do stuff on his own and I want to but not really able to prick his bubble.


The question is, do I really have to?


Good parenting doesn't mean providing them with bumpy surfaces always. But when everything bumps up without hurting them, children get a false sense of security!!


At the age of 6, I would go to my friend's house alone and come back on time without getting into trouble. But then I became a mother, a super anxious parent; my approach has been always risk-averse. Now I have to think at what cost? What about his self control? What is risk averse? How, when and why it is affecting his senses? Would it be leading to emotional backdrop??

Somewhere...YES!!! We parents need to let go, to allow them to experience. Here are my thoughts:


Self Control:

Protecting your child is one of the basic instincts of parenthood, but if children never experience challenges, don't expect them to overcome them on their own. They are losing the grip of self control on their own lives!


Decision Making:

When they take risks, it means they are going through the decision-making phase.

Each and every single attempt to go through this process makes them stronger!!!



Experts says practice and more practice helps the young risk-takers learn to balance assertiveness with respect and compassion. It boosts their confidence and comfortness towards taking risks and learning from the failures!!


Voice Opinions:

When they socialize, sharing idea of the risk might be challenging as they don't know how much risk they should take and how people will react But when you allow them to decide their limits, it's easy for them to handle the situation.


Outdoor Play:

Playing outdoors requires a good amount of reasonable risk-taking but staying indoors puts our children at an even greater risk for health issues and motor and sensory delays.

For instance, the next time I will see my child attempt to climb up a chair , I would let him do. You simply have to be present if necessary.


Overtime, as our child masters this skill, slowly we should phase out. Over time and with frequent opportunities he will become strong, independent, self controlled.


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