Nursery Rhymes - A Gateway To Language, Culture & Entertainment

Nursery Rhymes - A Gateway To Language, Culture & Entertainment

Growing up in the United States pretty much assured that I would be an American. But growing up with two Indian parents who spoke Gujarati to me and being located in an area where the Indian culture was celebrated on every occasion guaranteed that I would still know my heritage.

I want the same for my baby. While I will continue to expose her to the events and celebrations that are a part of the Indian culture, I am definitely still someone who was born in America. I can speak Gujarati and understand Hindi but English is my first language.

Recently, I came across Ghotu Motu Ki Toli. This company makes Indian nursery rhymes that are available on its Youtube channel and as a free downloadable app. Ghotu Motu Ki Toli has bright, colorful scenery and fun, interactive characters that teach you wonderful Hindi nursery rhymes. It gives my 6 month old the opportunity to grow up learning these classic songs that also expose her to numbers, life lessons, and culture.

I never thought nursery rhymes would be something that I'd be singing to my little one on a daily basis. It turns out that she loves hearing them. Repeatedly singing these wonderful children's songs to her creates a sense of familiarity that makes her face light up every time. Since I grew up in America, I know mostly English nursery rhymes. Playing this music for her in the car or in the airplane when she was crying uncontrollably has been amazing. Music seems to be the one thing that will calm her down. I'm glad to add some Hindi nursery rhymes to the list of songs I know when I need to play or sing something to her in these crazy moments. Exposing her to multiple languages through song is a great way to ensure that she will learn that part of her heritage.

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