Can A Mother Love One Child More Than The Other?

Can A Mother Love One Child More Than The Other?

13 Dec 2017 | 3 min Read

Ujjwal Mishra(SuperMommy)

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Mother loves all her kids equally, she can’t be partial. Really?


When the first child is born, a mother is born. But for the second child it’s a  well-experienced mom ready to face challenges that she has already faced. Hence there are some behavioral differences and different reactions while facing the same situation again. DO you Agree?


Let me give you a couple of instances


1. When you are expecting:

For the first baby everyone is super excited. Everyone is   around your checking what you need, what is bothering you. Once the baby is born everyone wants to see him/her first.

With the second one… “Aaa, mmm…. she knows how to take care.”


2. Photo Shoots:

The first child: Even before your belly started showing you find the best photographer, you keep an account of the growth of your belly and the baby for almost two years.

With the second one… you think a photoshoot is such a waste and you do home photography that too by end of the third trimester and then on special occasions only.


3. Illness:

The first child: Panic, why is he crying… run to the doctor

The next one: You know which medicine to give, how much to give and you even know how many days recovery time is needed.


4. Attentiveness:

The first child: We rush to respond to night time crying for the baby’s sake.

The next one: We rush to respond to nighttime crying so that she won’t wake up her brother/sister.


5. Development:

The first child: We encourage motor skills and ambulatory development. Praised all her/his accomplishments.

The next one: Most of the things are taught by the elder sibling and we start worrying once s/he starts running around you will be exhausted in managing two kids in two different directions.


6. Toys:

The first child: Got so many toys to help increase skills Eg. activity mat, exersaucer and even a High Chair.

The next one: You accepted that kitchen utensils make better toys.


7. Benefits:

The first child: Had the benefit of all your attention. Good thing because the first time mom has no idea what she is doing.

The next one: Has the benefit of a mum’s experience. Good thing because she is busy explaining to the elder brother/sister why s/he doesn’t get all the attention anymore.


8. Lovability:

The first child: Brought the most powerful of all love into a mum’s life for the first time.

The next one: Brought the most powerful of all love into my life for the first time, again.


No matter how we react to all these things, but mom loves all the kids equally, what does your experience say?


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