Meeting A Newborn? Keep This In Mind

Meeting A Newborn? Keep This In Mind

22 Dec 2017 | 2 min Read

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When a new baby has entered the world, of  course, we all our excited to meet and cuddle the little one.

Along with the eagerness to meet the little bundle of joy, we must also be careful about hygiene that we maintain when visiting newborns.


Having gone through all of this, I am sure we do not need to be told  but it is good to be reminded once in a while. Nobody wishes to inconvenience either the mom or baby but it is wise to empathise.


1. Don’t go uninvited or without giving prior information

New parents have plenty of issues to deal with, without surprise guests turning up. So always make sure you give a call or send a message, so that they don’t have to be surprised. Mama may be in the middle of a meltdown with leaking boobs, holding a baby she hasn’t been able to settle for hours,  while being half dressed and possibly suffering from post-baby blues or even postnatal depression. She might really feel embarrassed and like an invasion of privacy, so make planned visits.


2. Don’t visit when you are sick

The newborn’s immune systems are not well developed. So if you are feeling under the weather, even if it’s just a snotty nose, rearrange your visit as it may harm the newborn.


3. Wait to be offered to hold the baby

Mothers find it difficult to say no when their families and friends visit. Make sure you wash your hands before touching the newborn. Ask for permission, don’t barge in and try to cuddle the newborn. If you arrive and the baby is asleep don’t wake the baby up.


4. Refrain from making negative comments

If you’re asked for advice, feel free to share your ideas, but always do this is a non-judgmental away. All parents are different and unique.


5. Don’t overstay your visit

It is essential to keep your visit time shorter, as right after giving birth and with sleep deprivation to contend with, its big work to be sociable, entertain and put on a smiling face for a new mom.


Happy visiting!


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