It's Pancake Time! The Secret For Fluffy Pancakes!

It's Pancake Time! The Secret For Fluffy Pancakes!


My kiddo loves desserts and I have been trying many recipes. Here's one which he likes indulging into often:



The Dry Ones:

Flour- 1 cup (You can use all-purpose flour or whole wheat or a combination of both)

Sugar- as per taste

Baking Powder- 1 spoon

Salt- 3/4 teaspoon

The Liquid Ones:

Milk- to make a smooth batter

Butter - as per taste

Eggs - 1

Vanilla essence

Accompaniments ( You can pick any as per taste)

Fresh heavy cream - 1 packet


Honey or Chocolate Syrup



1- Mix all the ingredients together and spread it in a pan with some oil/ butter.

Over-mixing pancake batter is a common mistake. It makes them heavy and flat, and they won’t be fluffy. To prevent this, mix dry and wet ingredients separately at first, and then combine just before cooking.

2- Once light brown , flip it cook it from the other side


3- Sprinkle a handful of berries, nuts or chocolate chips into the batter.


4- Now put one pancake , add some honey , put another and repeat.

5- Whip some heavy cream with bit of vanilla essence and chop some fresh strawberries( I prefer using whole pieces).
Top up the pancakes with strawberry and cream .

And they are ready to be served.

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