Pep Up The Good Ol' Popcorn This Party!

Pep Up The Good Ol' Popcorn This Party!

Kids love popcorn and as a mom it’s definitely an option to fulfil a last-minute snack request from my son. Popcorn can definitely be relished on its own but there are many ways you can perk up the humble snack and serve to the kiddy gang.  


I have shared below 5 snack ideas using popcorn that will turn your regular popcorn into gourmet popcorn.


1. Sweet Popcorn Bars - Here’s a healthy snack using popcorn which is good as a pick-me-up dessert, travel snack or tiffin treat. This can be made ahead and served when required.

To make sweet popcorn bars, take a huge bowl and mix 3 cups of popcorn (unsalted preferred) with roasted almond flakes, raisins, chopped walnuts, puffed rice (murmura) and shredded coconut. Pour over this a syrup made using equal quantities of honey and brown sugar (approx 1/4th cup each). Gently toss the entire mix, we need a wet mixture but not very soggy. Spread and tightly pack the popcorn bar mixture in a butter paper lined dish and refrigerate till set. Before serving, cut into rectangular bars and drizzle with honey.



2. Vegetable & Popcorn Pie - An interesting combination of popcorn and vegetables which works great as a main dish. The popcorn pie can be served at birthday parties and gatherings of kids and adults alike.

To make this, take 2 cups of chopped assorted vegetables like carrots, peas, capsicum, corn, mushrooms, etc. Lightly sauté toss them in butter and season with salt and mixed herbs. Layer a pie dish or a baking dish with thick slices of boiled potatoes, grate cheese over it and then spread the sautéed vegetables. Now, layer about 2 to 3 cups of slightly crushed butter popcorn over the cheese. Top the dish with a final and generous layer of cheese and bake in a hot oven for about 10 minutes, till cheese melts. Serve immediately.


3. Popcorn Chocolate Balls - A simple dessert which can be rustled up last minute with just 2 ingredients; popcorn and chocolate. 

To make this, take a bowl full of plain popcorn and pour melted chocolate over it. Mix till it is wet enough to be rolled into balls. Roll and refrigerate till set. Drizzle white melted chocolate and top with colourful sprinkles before serving.

You can take a combination of milk and dark chocolate to make this. Also throw in a few chopped nuts to make the dish more delectable.


4. Popcorn Cheese Thins - These savoury baked goodies are a heavenly transformation for the humble popcorn. Simple to make and quite appealing to the senses. To make popcorn thins, lightly pulse plain popcorn in the grinder. Be careful, we do not want to powder the popcorn but have a coarse, crunchy mixture. In a bowl, take the ground popcorn and mix in equal amounts of grated cheese. Mix in some herbs or spices as required. Taste for salt, add only if required. Spread about 2 tablespoons of the mixture onto a lined baking dish and bake till the popcorn thins are light brown from the sides and attain a crispy texture on cooling. Serve as it is or with a dipping sauce.


5. Funfetti Popcorn Mix - A very colourful mix of sweet and salty ingredients which is an absolute hit with kids. I personally vouch for it. To make this, take 3 cups of salted popped corn and mix in gems. Melt about ½ cup of marshmallows with 2 tablespoon butter to make a sauce. Pour over the popcorn mixture and lightly mix, spread and cool till the sauce sticks to the corn and gems. Now, toss some chopped marshmallows and chocolate chips. Mix and serve in a bowl topped with sprinkles. This needs to be consumed same day as it will not stay fresh and palatable for a longer duration.


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