Don’t Hold Back On The Cuddles, Mommies!

Don’t Hold Back On The Cuddles, Mommies!

29 Dec 2017 | 2 min Read


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Most parents love snuggling with their babies but they feel like at a certain age kids may be too old for “cuddle time”. This is not the case! Hugging is beneficial not just kids, but humans in general. Several research studies seem to confirm that cuddling your children is not only pleasurable for both of you, but can result in happier, healthier, more curious kids with bigger brains!


Bollywood actor Kareena Kapoor too believes in this. In an interview, she is believed to have said, “Saif is quite English in his approach. I’m quite the Punjabi — I’m always cuddling my son. Saif has to tell me off for squeezing him till he can barely breathe! But he’s only one and I want to enjoy this as much as I can. It’s important for us to create a happy atmosphere in which Taimur can thrive. Obviously, as a working mum, I want to make sure we raise a happy and independent child.”


According to research, children who have positive experiences with regard to affectionate touch, free play and family togetherness grow up to be less anxious adults. This starts with those first baby snuggles.


Here’s Why Cuddling Benefits Children’s Brains:


  1. It releases happy chemicals. Cuddling releases ‘love hormone’ oxytocin. Cuddling and hugging can literally put you in a better mood.


  1. It reduces stress and increases resilience That’s why your child runs to you for comfort when they fall down, get a boo boo, or have hurt feelings.


  1. It communicates love. Children will be comfortable with physical affection.


  1. It communicates safety. When a child feels loved and taken care of, they feel safe.


As children grow, they start to shirk off physical affection from their parents, it can be tempting to let them go and stop touching them as often. But don’t. They still need cuddles, as well as other kinds of loving, affectionate touch, and they need to see their parents behaving in physically affectionate ways with one another.


So bring on those cuddles mommies and snuggle away!


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