Winter Carrot Jam

Winter Carrot Jam

31 Dec 2014 | 2 min Read

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It’s the season for juicy crimson carrots, and the mandatory preparations of what I’ve grown up on, carrot Halwa, carrot Mithai and all other yummies that the season calls for.

Though these were preparations that my gorgeous mum cooked up for me, I’ve decided to start my own little tradition of using this beautiful veggie for a jam. A lovely, lightly spiced jam that goes well with breads, crackers, pancakes, chapattis or even as a dip with bread sticks. I prepared this in Chennai, and Trilok lapped it up with his Pati’s (grandma) dosai. It was just the perfect evening snack.

The Jam stores well in the fridge for a couple of weeks. I have to admit, though it takes a while to prepare, it’s well worth the effort.


1. 2 cups of carrots, coarsely shredded

2. 1/4 cup fine sugar

3. Juice of half a lime

4. 2 pods of cloves

5. A pinch of nutmeg powder

6. 2 cups of water


1. In a bowl combine the shredded carrots, sugar, lime, cloves and nutmeg and steep in water. Cover and refrigerate overnight

2. Transfer the mix to a pan and on a low flame bring to a boil until carrots are well cooked and the is liquid syrupy. This takes about 45 mins to an hour. Add water if necessary

3. Pull out the cloves and discard

4. Take a table spoon of the carrots and keep aside

5. The rest once cooked and cooled, grind to a pulp in a blender

6. Transfer it back to the pan and combine the shredded carrots to the puree and bring to a quick sizzle on medium

7. Pull it off the flame, cool and store in a glass mason jar

8. Use as per requirement

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